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What Are You Reaching For?

Where did I put it? I rushed out the door to my waiting (wailing) kids after looking for my phone charger for the third time. I knew I had picked it up intending to bring it in the car with me…but what had I done with it? I had 22% battery remaining, and I hoped it would be enough to get me where I needed to go. I had snacks for the kids so I figured everything would probably be okay.

I sped to my two Facebook marketplace pickups, cautiously eyeing my phone battery as it gave me the 20% heads up and then the dreaded 10% warning. I was distracted, worried about losing access to my Google maps if my phone died because I’m directionally challenged. I hastily flew past a few turns, sped through a few yellowish (red) lights, and shushed my kids to no end because I felt overwhelmed by the rain pelting the windshield.

Finally, we arrived at our last destination, the community center play place, with 3% phone battery left. The kids were ecstatic. I was exhausted. I began climbing with them when I felt something bulging in my pocket: my phone charger. I couldn’t believe it! It had been there the whole time - easily accessible and glaringly obvious.

It was the thing that would’ve made all the difference in my mood, my pace of life, my mindset, my sense of peace, my focus. It would’ve changed everything.

And it struck me: isn’t that how I live my life? If I am the phone (with a rapidly draining battery) and I have this power cord in my pocket (the Word & prayer) and it will help me connect me to the power source (Jesus: the Sustainer, Satisfier, Savior, Supplier of every need)...why do I not reach for it?

It’s RIGHT THERE: in my pocket, on my coffee table, next to my bed…and yet, I remain searching and stressed, existing as if I don’t have a way to connect to the Source of all things. Instead of reaching for His Word and His hand, I am frantically reaching for a snack, social media, a podcast - ANYTHING to distract me and fill me and numb me and direct me…when the answer has been right there all along.

I’ve been convicted this month: the Word and prayer are my lifelines. They are what will tether me to Jesus and allow me to hear from Him. So, why do I always resist? Why do I always forget? Why am I always reaching for that which will never fill me?

After the play place, I reached into my pocket and pulled out that cord, plugging it into the place where it was meant to be the whole time: the power outlet. And the phone comes to life again - like me when I’m connected to Jesus.

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