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Dependence Changes Everything....

If dependence is the ultimate goal in all things, then everything changes.

Anything that causes us to depend becomes our friend.

The many sacrifices of motherhood. Hard seasons in marriage. Difficult in-laws. Working. Resting. Friendships. Health conditions. Finances.

Burdens become blessings because they drive us to our knees and to the Father. Weaknesses are welcomed because they remind us that we are needy, they keep us relying on Him for all things.

We see our lives through a new lens when we desire dependence: we are grateful even for the hardships we once despised.

We are able to accept what God has given, trusting that He knows what is best and will carry us through. Trusting that is more blessed to walk in dependence than in self-reliance.

If we are desperate for dependence, for more of Jesus....everything changes.

Motherhood involves less sulking and more surrender. Marriage becomes more about serving than selfishness. We are more concerned with intimacy with the Father than self-sufficiency.

So may dependence be our new definition of success. May it be the highest goal, our deepest desire, our greatest prize - and may it truly change everything as we walk in weakness and depend on Jesus for all things.

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