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I so often come to Jesus asking Him for directions, as if He is a GPS. Which way should I go? What is the next step? I desire control: detailed answers and a final destination laid out for me. A five to ten year plan would be ideal.

Oh, and no wandering in the wilderness, please. 😉

In my desperation for direction, I am missing out on what God desires most for me: connection with Him. He is not a GPS - He IS the Way. He says, “Follow me,” and does not provide a map but rather His very self. He leads with His Voice, usually only providing the step immediately in front of me.

Jesus is more concerned with my spiritual formation than a particular destination.

He is more concerned that I’m in tune with Him rather than on time.

How I long to go on ahead of the Spirit - to get a sneak peek at what awaits me in seasons to come. I want to know the exact timeline and specific route so that I can feel prepared for what lies ahead (AKA be in control 😂). My mind mulls over every possible way He could take me, every potential roadblock or pitstop.

I want to move, speed up, and look ahead(and the enemy is egging me on - encouraging me to go faster and causing me to question at every turn: Is this really going to get you where you need to go?). Jesus wants me to slow down, breathe and listen. He wants me to remain in Him, and He will reroute me if needed.

I want to arrive, He wants me to abide.

May we trust Jesus to be our Guide - because where He guides, He will provide. He will supply the grace we need as we let Him lead and follow Him one step at a time. May we trust that He will tell us all that we need to know as we journey with Him.

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