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Go to the Throne Before Your Phone

(....and before anything else )

I heard this quip from my aunt Kari back in high school and it has stuck with me all these years (because I have found it to be deeply convicting). The phrase originated with a phone with a cord in mind, as she would be tempted to call a friend before spending time with the Lord or before going to God with a question or need.

How the temptations and distractions have multiplied since then! Here we live in this world of technology with endless resources at our fingertips - friends, experts, influencers, family, mentors, the nurse line…. the list goes on and on. And all the while, as we research and scroll and worry and send messages, the Voice that truly matters has become our last resort. Consulting Jesus lies at the bottom of a long to-do list as we navigate the small and large decisions we face daily.

And usually (I’ll speak for myself) when I do turn to prayer, it looks like presenting a laundry list of requests and does not include listening for a response. It’s a one-sided conversation, a monologue performed by me 😉

And so, I’m asking Jesus to remind me to consult Him first in all things (and to help me to do this! I need His help to divert from my default and come to Him instead). After all, He is the One who knows me and my children better than anyone else. He has all wisdom and insight into my marriage, my friendships, my wants and needs, and my heart.

As we go about our days and find ourselves in need of help of any kind, may we be found first on our knees before the God who speaks, trusting His voice above any other.

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